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Any tips or tricks for the upcoming Attitude seeds sale?

What's up microgrowery? I am a new grower, on 39F of my first grow, so far so good. I also have some bag seeds and some clones vegging, but I want some new strains, good seeds. I'm interested in making my first seed order, nothing big, but some new strains to introduce to my friends and family.
Attitude is having a sale in a couple of days. What can I expect from the sale? Does anyone have any tips for getting the best value for my money?
Here are some other Attitude questions-
as of right now, how can I pay? I have a paypal business card, but I don't think they take that? Do I have to figure out the bitcoin thing?
If I live in MA, how long can I expect shipping to take?
Should I avoid Attitude and go with another site like Herbies or Nirvana? I would like to just use my paypal to pay. If not, I can get a gift card if they allow them. I don't want to use my family credit card, and I don't want to send cash.
Can anyone recommend me some easy to grow strains that I can gift to my friends (flower and clones) and blow their minds?
Does anyone have a promo code to share?
Part of me wants to go with a bunch of single seeds, and clone them. Another part of me wants to get 2 or 3 different strains of "5 seed packs", feminized. This will allow me to pheno hunt, and avoid the disappointment of a seed not popping, or me killing a seedling. Pros and cons of single seed orders vs multi seed packs?
Thank you for all the posts and information. I am having a blast!
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